I want to clear something out….!

Good evening dolls, it has been brought up to my attention that other blog(s) have been posting the same photos too frequently after me, or have grabbed them and edited differently than I did.
Let’s all remember that we are on a World Wide Web that connects us all, unless the photo has my water mark, I DO NOT DECLARE THE PHOTO MINE, now if someone wants to repost my water marked photos, I don’t mind as long as the water mark isn’t cropped out. Let’s not be selfish guys, like I said… We are all a community. Re-post or reblog photos as much as you like, but retain the respect of leaving the water mark of the person who edited it.

Also, I DO NOT post paparazzi pictures, because if you know the Kardashians, mostly Kim & Kanye, you know that they ABSOLUTELY hate the paparazzi. My photos are very carefully chosen and edited. Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

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Thanks for all the support always, love you dolls.

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